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Kristin Winn is a coach at CrossFit Ganbatte, a fitness community where coaches encourage “doing your best,” and believe that through this practice individuals are able to inspire, move and motivate each other for a life long journey of fitness.

Having played basketball, volleyball, softball and running track, Kristin has tried just about every diet and exercise regimen, from Kundalini yoga to Step Aerobics, TRX suspension training to ultramarathon running and has not been able to find another program that improves overall fitness better than CrossFit.

She believe that the Ganbatte program works because their approach to wellness is holistic.  At CrossFit Ganbatte they not only build stronger minds and bodies, but also community, character, teamwork, resilience and positive self-image.  Her overall goal for herself, and every athlete she coaches is for each class to be a fun and enriching experience.

Voted as one of the best CrossFit studios is Los Angeles, CrossFit Ganbatte is a place where individuals can push themselves and where ordinary people become extraordinary.  A place where goals are met, and great moments are shared with family and friends. 


  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
  • Crossfit Football
  • NASM ( National Academy of Sports Medicine) - Certified Personal Trainer

Favorite WOD

My favorite work out of the day would be Karen because there are a few CrossFit workouts that favor tall people.  I love workouts that toast my legs and workouts with big rep schemes.  If you did 150 wall balls everyday, you'd be an unstoppable force!

Least Favorite WOD

My least favorite workout would be Diane, the combination of deadlifts and handstand pushups cause the worst kind of fatigue for me.  It's not a fatigue I can power through; once the shoulders are gone, they're gone, and it's so frustrating to grind out rep by rep on the handstand pushups!  

Memory of my first CrossFit Workout

During my first CrossFit workout I was so eager to show everyone how awesome I was - and then I learned that a pushup only counts when your chest touches the ground.  I thought I was already in good shape and was really upset with myself that I had to do a modified workout.  The realization that there was a higher standard for what I thought I was capable of doing motivated me to sign the membership that night.


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