Team Physician / Dietitian


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  • Physician-Dietitian
  • Clinical Nutrition / Weight Management Fellowship from UCLA
  • Internal Medicine Residency from USC|
  • Good Samaritan Hospital--VIP Services & Employee Wellness Team Physician
  • UCLA-Risk Factor Obesity Clinic -- Attending physician
  • ACLS/ BLS certified
  • Creator of pro-Essential Protein Supplement

 Why I choose Crossfit

Crossfitting is a lifestyle.  It allows me to take my conditioning to a whole different levels usually not found in the traditional gym work out.  The scalable work outs allow me to build both strength and endurance in a shorter time period, targeting muscle groups that i don't usually use on a daily basis.

As a healthcare professional, i oftentimes encounter many clients who are willing to implement a whole new lifestyle modification for reasons of vanity or just wanting to live healthier.  No matter what diets I implement (lean protein, low carb, paleo), I 've always stressed the importance of having a consistent exercise regimen.  It is crucial that we change the way we eat and the types of exercise we perform with the process of aging.  We lose 1-2% of lean mass a year which is responsible for our metabolism, so incorporating a work out that combines both cardio and weight training is optimal.  My goal as the team physician is to help our clients adapt to the crossfit lifestyle; meaning, incorporating a safe and consistent training regimen, as well as addressing the common issues of pre /post workout such as muscle stress, substrate replacement and optimal lifelong nutrition.  With that, we can optimize our performances, and most importantly, build a community.       


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