1. What brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you here?


I moved to Glassel Park after living in DTLA for a few year and decided I wanted to find a box near my house. I have had the opportunity with work travel to work out at many cool boxes around the world. When I walked into Ganbatte the  welcoming energy and positive attitude made me feel right at home and I knew I was at my new box.  

IMG 7149


2. If you were to make your own bench mark work out, what would it be?


Buy in: 1 mile run  

Fran 21-15-9 Thrusters and Pullups  

Cash out with 100 unbroken Double Unders 


IMG 7147


3. What skill would you want to master in time for a zombie invasion and why?


Farmer Carry 70lbs kettle bells. That way I can run holding my niece and nephew to safety as zombies are nipping at my heels.


IMG 3994


4.  What is your proudest Ganbatte moment?

Just being part of the community. There are so many great people and personalities at Ganbatte that accept everyone for who they are. Being part of that community is really amazing and makes me proud to be part of that. 

IMG 3993


5.  Ganbatte as a verb and how do you enact on it?

Heal the Past

Ganbatte the Present

Dream the Future


IMG 3995


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