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What brought me to Ganbatte and what keeps me here?
It was a dark moonless night, quiet except for the distant sound of a dog barking. As I walked up the street usually frequented by joggers or the occasional couple taking their dog for a walk I noticed I was alone. No cars, no people, even that dog's barking I was beginning to find annoying had now left me. I was alone in the silence except for the eery feeling I was being being watched. I grew cold and scared. I started to walk faster. Before I knew it I was was running. "What was that?!" I screamed in my head as it sounded like someone was running after me. But those weren't feet I heard. It sounded more like clapping, but coming from where? I was too scared to look back. Without losing my stride I looked down and to my horror saw that . . .
NOPE, no monster! It wasn't anything scarier than my gut clapping as I ran. But that's pretty scary itself. This story may be an exaggeration, but the gist is that I noticed I was out of shape and wanted to do something about it. A fraternity brother of mine, Jorge Soriano, told me I should check out Ganbatté and so I did. What keeps me going is the community of people that makes Ganbatté. We were made to be in community and what a great place to do it! I am able to safely push myself with great coaching and with other members that are always willing to give advice and encouragement. 
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If you could make a benchmark workout what would it be?
500 M row
10 thrusters
20 pullups
10 thrusters
30 situps
10 thrusters
40 KB swings 
400 M run 
​**​any break during an exercise costs 10 pushups
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What skill would I like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion?
Smashing a zombie skull with my barehands would prove pretty useful. Not sure how we could practice that skill unless some of our M.D. members could get their hands on some cadaver skulls for us. There's probably some health code against that however. So I'll say muscle ups would be a good thing. We all know zombies can't climb . . . . that is until they find their own box; then we're kind of screwed.
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My proudest Ganbatté moment?
Today when Jp asked if I would be the member spotlight is my proudest moment. I have always seen the spotlight members as members that push themselves to be their best and thereby inspire others. Check out the past spotlights and you'll see what I mean. So when I was asked I felt very honored and hope that I have earned it by inspiring others like other spotlight members have done for me.
Ganbatte as a verb and how do you enact it?
Ganbatte or "Do your best" is something I contemplate at the end of each workout. It's not do better than that other person; it's doing MY best. The only person that truly knows if I did my best is me. We're all at different levels of fitness and excel or are challenged by different exercises. So even though I may get competitive with those that post certain numbers or times close to mine regularly, at the end of the day it's about knowing I did the best I could do, safely and correctly. Some days there are some impressive numbers I am able to have written on the board. Other days, not so much. But what matters is that I did the best I could. And you know what, the numbers get erased every night. So every day is another chance to do my best. GANBATTE!!
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Vega won 3rd place on our RP nutritional challenge

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