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What brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you there?

I used to think crossfit was for other people. People tougher than me. I came to Ganbatte because I was in a rut with my other fitness options. And I generally find gyms boring. But, Ganbatte is more than a gym. It’s a social network of great people who together aspire and push past our perceived limits. 

I stay because I love the ideals of Ganbatte and I love being a part of this community. Training with friends and family, sweating, striving, brings us closer together. But also, I like to have what I called bonafide fun—these are experiences in which I get lost in the moment, forget about time and forget about being self conscious. Whether it’s a WOD, e-wod, Goruck, Ragnar, gladiator run, running with my teammates, or doing competitive events, I have had so much fun. And I have been able to achieve a new level of fitness and self empowerment. This is due in part to my own grit, but also for sure because of the collective spirit around me everyday at Ganbatte. 


If you can make a benchmark work out, what would it be?

This workout has the element of a race against the clock. Technique and focus matter here. And sprinting to the finish is literally a sprint. All of these factors are perfect hallmarks of the new comfort zone that I find everyday with Ganbatte.

"The New Comfort Zone"

5 rounds for time:

10 pull-ups

6 Turkish get ups

10 thrusters

400m run


What skill would you like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion?

I bet climbing trees and scaling walls are important skills during zombie invasion. I had better do more pull-ups. Throwing is a skill needed for zombie invasion. You never know when you might need to peg a zombie the old fashioned way. Need to throw that medicine ball more and play more dodge ball too. 


What is your most proud Ganbatte moment?

I’ve had so many moments this past 3 years, where I felt really proud of even the smallest accomplishment and had a totally awesome time doing it. Being able to do wall walks made me feel pretty good too! Best moment lately has to be running the LA Marathon. It was my first marathon, to which 45 days earlier I said there’s no way I’d ever run 26.2 miles on purpose. But due to spot on training for the previous several months from JP and Pheby, I not only ran my first half marathon, but I ran my first marathon and placed in the top 10%. I came out on the other side invigorated, lighter and bolder—and a better version of myself.


Current goal and what is behind it?

I’m planning on running my second marathon. My crossfit and endurance training will also assist me through my longest backpacking trip to date in the Sierra Nevadas. And of course strict pull-ups is a goal.


Ganbatte as a verb and how do you enact it?

Ganbatte as a verb for me means show up, be humble, try hard, push harder, be happy with who I am.



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What brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you there?

A co-worker of mine became focused on becoming more fit and began talking about Crossfit, which I had never heard of. Hearing her enthusiasm and excitement about lifting and working out made me really curious. I began researching and tried two different boxes that served as my first introduction to Crossfit. While both places were nice, there was something missing that stopped me from committing to a membership. I then found Ganbatte, had my first introduction class with J.P. and immediately knew I had found the right place for me. 

What keeps me here are all the amazing people who encourage and demand more of themselves and of me, whether it is lifting more weight or pushing out more reps. The environment is filled with people who constantly want to grow and want to see everyone else succeed as well. People get just as excited when someone else PRs as they do for their own successes. That makes it less of a gym and more of a community. Also, all the strong women who (whether they know it or not) inspire me to work harder, get stronger and lift heavier weights. 
If you can name a benchmark work out what would it be? 

Since I love squats...

“Squat Like You Mean It”

5 rounds for time 

5 pistols (alternating legs)

5 overhead squats (95/75)

5 squat cleans 

5 front squats

5 back squats

400 meter run


What skill would you like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion? 

Endurance and grit. The first to be able to constantly get and stay away, the second to be able to keep surviving in a world with zombies. 


Most proud Ganbatte moment?

Being encouraged to participate, preparing for and then winning a partner competition with Coach Teresa. I never in a million years would have imagined competing and am thankful for being nudged out of my comfort zone. 

Current Goal and what is behind it? 
Strict pull ups and double unders because they are two big holes in my abilities. Longer term goal would be to eventually run a half or full marathon.
Ganbatte as a verb--how do you enact it? 

Ganbatte to me is about showing up, committing to giving it your all and having a good time while doing so. Some days, I show up ready to work and then get physically and mentally beat by the skill and/or the workout. Other days, I show up with a million other thoughts in my head and leave with a PR. While there are many things out of my control when it comes to my body and its abilities (especially when compared to others), what I can control is the effort and the attitude I put in towards developing new skills and lifting heavier. The frustrating and yet exciting reality is that there is always room for growth. 
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