What brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you here?

A really good friend of started doing CrossFit in Pasadena.  He's a pretty thorough guy and not really the type to follow the latest trend so when he wouldn't shut up about it, it piqued my interest. At the time I was going (donating) to a gym out in West Hollywood and just kind of sitting on the machines for awhile.  I'd push some weight every once in awhile if I felt like it was getting me sliced. It was a chore and I convinced myself it was a great deal because they had mouth wash and I could blow dry my hair after I showered.

I remember getting a call from JP while I was shopping at Gelsons.  

"Can you come check out the gym in an hour?" 

"Not really"

"It'd be best if you came today. In an hour."


"See you soon."

And thats pretty much how it went down. 

I was immediately challenged, sweaty, out of breath, but felt accepted by the community. And honestly that's what keeps me coming back. Fitness goals are great but being surrounded by friends that keep you accountable, challenge you, and make you laugh while you're doing them is what I've most connected to.



If you can make a benchmark workout what would it be?

"The Stanky Leg"

35 min time cap

5 Rounds

400m run
9 Hang Cleans
8 Front Squats
7 T2B
30 DU's



What skill would you like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion?

Probably fully opening up my hips on my heavy squat cleans.  I feel like thats something they'd be pretty critical of.



What is your proudest Ganbatte moment?

Either ripping my first callous or doing Frogman.  Probably Frogman. It was my first competition and was so outside anything I'd done before. Swimming was never something I'd taken seriously so getting to do that with a team and learn a new skill was pretty cool. The competition was humiliating but at the same time so much fun. I drank a lot of chlorine and accidentally swam diagonal across 3 or 4 lanes while getting called out by the MC. And I honestly can't wait to do another one.



Ganbatte as a verb and how do you enact it?

CrossFit can be intimidating at first. I haven't experienced many other boxes but somehow a motto like "do your best" creates a more inviting environment for newcomers like we all were at one time. Ganbatte as verb empowers you to be in control of your health and fitness. It puts you in the drivers seat to reach practical, attainable goals.  I love how we all come different places and kind of melt together under one roof.  Like literally melt because its so damn hot.  Am I right?










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What Brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you here?

Back in 2012, I really wanted to get back into an exercise routine, but I always had excuses “oh, it’s expensive! Oh, my work schedule is too inconsistent for me to commit!”. Then I got a temporary promotion at my job with steady hours and I realized I had no more excuses! I’d heard good things about Crossfit in terms of results, and I started looking around. I studied Japanese in high school, so a gym that was called “ganbatte” stood out to me and suggested a friendly and encouraging community. I stopped by the same day my promotion started and while everything we did totally kicked my butt (especially the squatting), I felt strong in a way I hadn’t felt since I did boxing back in high school. My promotion ended in November, but I was enjoying Ganbatte so much, I kept coming! And a little over two years later I’m still here!

I stay with Ganbatte because there’s always something new for me to learn! I know even if I can do a hand-stand push-up, or back squat 200 pounds, there will be another skill I can work on. I did my first gymnastics class last Sunday and it was fantastic! 


If you could make a benchmark work out what would it be? 

Battle Tendency 

500 Meter Row Buy In 

5 Rounds 

Wall Climb then run to the Gate and Back 

20 weighted sit-ups 

15 Kettle Bell Swings

7 Clean Jerks 


What Skill Would you like to have mastered in Time for the Zombie Invasion?

A strict muscle-up sounds like a good, practical skill to have in terms of hauling myself to safety. 


What is your most proud Ganbatte Memory?

Squatting is one of the hardest skills for me. It still is. I’d set a goal that I wanted to be able to back-squat my boyfriend’s weight. He’s a skinny guy, so maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I remember starting at Ganbatte and not being able to do a 1 rep max of 90 pounds. So to get my back squat rep up to his weight was a really really rewarding experience for me, especially ‘cause I’d worked and struggled so hard at it. I got so excited, I left the gym that day ad forgot my day-clothes! Woops! 


What is Your Current Goal and What is Behind it?

I went on vacation back in February and just felt really really out of shape. I am all for body-positivity and it’s more important that you’re happy and healthy with yourself than what a scale says, but for me, I just wasn’t happy with my body anymore. I came back home and decided- no, resolved I was going to lose weight. I decided to lose 20 pounds and see how I felt. Well as I’m typing this, I am down 26 pounds with my new current weight loss goal, 30 pounds! It’s a really amazing feeling to have people at the gym say they didn’t recognize me for a second! I feel so much better, and not just ‘cause of the weight loss, but because how hard I worked for it. I worked my butt off (literally!) so to see such progress is a really wonderful experience. Once I hit that weight goal, I also want to keep it! That will be the hard part I’m sure! As for other goals, squats squats squats! My new back squat weight goal is my boyfriend AND dog’s weight combined! 



Ganbatte as a verb. How do you enact it?

When I first started Ganbatte, one of the coaches told me that when it all boiled down, the only important person I was truly competing with was myself. That was really good advice to hear so early on,  and shaped my outlook at Ganbatte. There are people who can lift more than me and do Fran faster than me, but I need to say to myself “Hey. Remember last year when you couldn’t run a mile without stopping to walk? Now you can run 5K!”. 

I currently work for an animal outreach program and I always tell the kids that;  no matter how weird or slimy or scary an animal looks, it has something to offer (even spiders!). I apply that philosophy to my time at Ganbatte as well. “Find what you have to offer and do your best at it!”   




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