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What brought you to ganbatte and what keeps you here?

Tim started crossfit first at another box and I remember he would talk about crossfit ALL THE TIME. I may have tuned him out a few times. (Love you honey) After about 4 months, I agreed to check out a class. And what do you know…I liked it and joined.  After 6 months or so, we both weren’t feeling the vibe of the gym and wanted to leave. We found out JP was opening his own gym and we decided to make the switch. It was the best decision ever! I stay because of the community and the authenticity of Ganbatte. Plus, have you seen my boys? Probably not, because we don’t bring them very often. But…their tiny little bodies are filled with so much energy. Seriously, where do they get that? I need to stay fit just so I can keep up with them. 

If you can make a benchmark work out what would it be?

For time

7 muscle ups

then 3 rds of 
400m run 
12 toes to bar
10 overhead squats 95/65

Finish with
15 sandbag getups (Turkish if there aren't enough sandbags)

What skill would you like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion?
Well after researching this topic extensively for the past 4- 5 years by watching The Walking Dead, I would say:

•    Endurance – you don’t know how long you have to be on the move.
•    Muscle-up - you got to get to higher ground.
•    Knife/ Katana skills –enough said.

What is your proudest Ganbatte moment?

Clara: I think the most memorable for me is crossfitting through both my pregnancies. Knowing my pregnant body was still capable of being strong, I felt like a total BA. 


Tim:  It's pretty recent actually.  Having the encouragement and support of the coaches and members when I completed the Goruck Heavy.  The programming was awesome, but receiving all of the encouragement really helped me get my mental game right (the most important part) when I was doubting my physical capabilities.

Ganbatte as a verb

Being intentional -   I think that in order to capture the essence of Ganbatte (trying your best) that you really have to be intentional about your life.  It transcends to other areas but when applied to fitness it includes things like setting goals and carrying them out.  That way you stay motivated to keep moving forward even if it is in small increments.  


2007 - AbunchofShrimps

wodgear games

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What brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you here?

Jesse was interested in bringing strength training back into the exercise regiment and was curious about Crossfit. She tried out a few crossfit gyms in the area and chose to visit Ganbatte because of the endurance runs mentioned on the website. Jade greeted her at the garage door as she stared with apprehension at the WOD in progress and said, “It’s not that bad. It’s fun!”. Steve tagged along for the second intro class, left feeling like he’d been in a car accident, and the rest is history. We were Ganbatte family. We keep coming back because the coaches constantly help us become better at the prescribed movements, the EWOD programming is effective at amplifying our endurance, our fellow Ganbatte peers are our friends that  join for a weekend outdoors running / cycling / working out, and of course, the showers are A+.
If you can make a benchmark workout what would it be?
“The Sleeper”
5 rounds
15 cal row
400m run
5 push presses
5 front squats
10 strict pull ups  - kipping =  no rep
What skill would you like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion?
Rule #1: Cardio
After that it depends upon the zombie invasion we’re suffering. Walking Dead we’d go for 100 strict pull ups but something like World War Z we’d have to say at least 30” box jumps.
What is your proudest Ganbatte moment?
Two moments stand out for me (Jesse). The first was a Family WOD one week before giving birth to Senna. I was 41 weeks pregnant and was so happy to be still working out thanks to the Ganbatte classes that kept me strong and the coaches who helped me navigate exercise throughout pregnancy. Second was almost exactly one year later as I crossed the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin. It was a tough journey starting over again after childbirth and working out around an infant’s schedule but the coaches and community were my backbone of support - always encouraging and inspiring me to do my best each day. I enjoyed every moment of the race (ok, maybe not the swim mass start) and finished feeling strong. 
My (Steve’s) Ganbatte moment occurred during the LA Marathon.  After training the previous months with the running crew, I was trying for a Boston qualifier.  Training was going well, but a qualifier was within my reach only if the stars aligned on race morning.  Good coaching by JP convinced me to go for it, and I started the race strong, running my prescribed pace as soon as the crowd thinned.  Things were looking great until the sun came out around mile 18.  I was not well hydrated enough to handle the increase in heat and ended up cramping horribly.  I could have/wanted to quit right then and there, but decided to give it my best to finish the last 8 miles the best I could.  While I still struggle with this failed attempt, I am glad that I ended the race the way I did, doing my best and finishing with a PR.  
Ganbatte as a verb and how do you enact it?
Ganbatte as a verb is something that we enact in everything we do.  Whether it’s performance at the gym, putting in the training miles, raising our daughter or being a partner in our marriage, we give it our best. It’s easy to get confused between Ganbatte and perfection, but they’re not synonymous. The trick is to realistically define what is “your best” at that moment in time.  It’s both the equanimity of mind paired with the beautiful balancing of effort - not coasting, nor pushing so hard you break.   


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