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What brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you here?

The first time I heard about Crossfit was through a close friend. At that time I wasn’t in the best of shape and I’d express to her my willingness to get back in the gym. However, I wanted to try something more challenging than 24 hour fitness. So when she told me about this sport I only had one question, “What the “F” is Crossfit? The best way she explained it to me was, “It’s an intense workout, you do intense stuff, it’s just really intense, you’ll like it!”

Since I like to think I have the quality that defines intensity: great energy, strength, concentration, sexy, handsome, and attractive, I wanted to try this so called sport called Crossfit right away.

The gym or Box my friend was going to was non responsive to my voicemail and emails, but being so intensely impatient I went on Yelp to search for the top Crossfit Box with the highest rating. There I found Ganbatte. I called but as we all know, the phone kept ringing and ringing….and ringing. I also followed up with a voicemail for this place called Ganbatte. But the difference between the other Box and Ganbatte was the response time. Not too long after, I received a message from the owner, JP. His promptness was the sh*t! JP definitely gave me the genuine impression that he cares. Therefore when he proposed the free trial the same day, I took up his offer and that’s how I ended up at Ganbatte.

What makes me stay at Ganbatte is a long story that involves Anthony Moreno talking, talking and talking just like the nonstop phone ringing at Ganbatte, but I’ll keep it short. What keeps me at Ganbatte? Well it’s the Friends you come to make, the Support you receive, the Accountability you get, the Community you join, and finally the Family you become a part of. Crossfit Ganbatte has changed my life in many positive ways and this box truly does promote doing your best.


If you can make a benchmark workout what would it be?

The benchmark workout I would create involves something Kemer can’t beat me in, running!

It would be called “Pound for Pound”

1 mile run

10 Power Clean (135lbs)

10 Shoulder to Overhead (135lbs)

20 Push Ups

30 Air Squats

40 Sit Ups

50 Double Unders

1 mile run

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What skill would you like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion?

Sword fighting, archery, and the ability to fly.


My proudest Ganbatte moment?

Mastering double unders, learning to bar muscle up, lifting heavier than the big boys and going out to Korean BBQ with the boyz.




Ganbatte as a Verb and how do you enact it?

I give credit to Jade my first Crossfit coach in teaching me this. Since joining Ganbatte, I’ve learned doing your best is important but it’s also if not more important to doing things the right way.

So Ganbatte to me means, doing your best the perfect way.

 “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” –Vince Lombardi-

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What Brought you to Ganbatte and what keeps you here?

A childhood friend of mine would post her daily WOD's on Facebook.  I contacted her and asked her about these crazy workouts she was doing daily and she introduced me into the world of crossfit.  Driving home one evening I spotted the crossfit sign on San Fernando Road.  I wrote down the name and decided to look into it.  Six months later I finally called and was told to come in and see JP for the intro classes.  The morning after my first intro class I experienced a level of soreness like never before.  I called my friend to ask her if this was normal.  She laughed and said yes and the best part is that you will grow to love it.  She made me promise her that I would return to my second intro class and I did.  Signing up was the best decision I have ever made.  What keeps me at Ganbatte is the atmosphere and the coaches.  I've made some great friends here and no matter how good or bad my day is going I always look forward to my 7:30pm class.



If you can make a benchmark workout what would it be?


Conquering the girls -   A combination of my favorite girl benchmark workouts  

  5 rounds  

 10 deadlifts

20 pull ups 

20 push ups 

15 weighted sit ups 

10 wall balls



What skill would you like to have mastered in time for a zombie invasion. 

Since I'm so short definitely the wall climb, rope climbs and endurance... Gotta keep moving so the zombies don't see me!!!


 My proudest Ganbatte moment?


I have two moments that I'm extremely proud of.  The first would be participating in my first crossfit competition.  I was so nervous going into it but ended up having a great time thanks to my workout partner, fellow athletes and family.  My second proudest moment was when I did my first strict pull up.  I was just so thrilled, I've worked really hard for that one pull up .


 Ganbatte as a Verb and how do you enact it?

Ganbatte to me is about being present, showing up and giving 100% physically and mentally.  Not only at the box but in life.  When I'm at work I give 100 %.  When I'm at home with my family I give them 100% of my time. When I commit to something I give 100 % of me.  I tell my son's everyday to decide, commit and succeed. 


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