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1. What brought you to ganbatte and what keeps you here?

I originally came to Ganbatte for a structured class environment that was close by, that had an early  morning class, and a shower. Ganbatte had all of these things, so I signed up for an intro class. After having that initial contact with JP, I thought it might be a good fit. I started going to Red Eye the next week and stuck with it. That was back in August of 2013. I stay there because going to Ganbatte in the morning is the best part of my day, besides coming home to my family. I'm greeted with friendly smiles and silly jokes as I stroll in 6 to 8 minutes late for each class. Everybody is supportive and pushes each other. We have a really good time while working hard. I can't really imagine going anywhere else, so when I moved more than ten miles away, I still found a way to make it work. The people at Ganbatte are the best, I am thankful that I've gotten to know so many great people at the gym. 


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2. If you were to make your own bench mark work out, what would it be?

Mile Run
20 Power Cleans @ 135
50 Wall Balls
10 Burpee Pull Ups
 Mile Run
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3. What skill would you want to master during a zombie invasion

Muscle up, easier to get away and jump over high walls to escape the zombies.  


4. What is your proudest ganbatte moment?

Winning clean eating challenge a few years ago. Took a ton of discipline to stick with a strict paleo diet for 60 days. Was well worth it. 



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5. Ganbatte as a verb and how would you enact on it?

Ganbatte is the absence of making excuses. Find a way to achieve your goals. Can't make it to the gym, go for a run around the neighborhood. Can't run because you sprained an ankle, go to the pool. Make the best of the hand you've been dealt, try and do it with a smile.  



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1. What brought you to ganbatte and what keeps you here?

I wanted to find a gym closer to home. I saw the Ganbatte sign as I was driving and looked it up. After discovering they have a parking lot and tons of street parking, I had to check it out. I'm from Kauai so I never learned to parallel park. When I showed up to the intro classes, everyone was so nice and welcoming. I could see the regular class working really hard and knew I wanted to do what they were doing so I signed up. When I walked into classes with coaches I hadn't met before, they were already prepped with my info, knew to expect me, and they were prepared to give me extra help since I'm new. They’re great at ensuring we have proper form and that we’re doing the movements safely. The supportive community keeps me here. Coaches and members here bring out the best in each other. The 7:30 p.m. Last Call class is the best part of my day.





2. If you were to make your own bench mark work out, what would it be?

Teams of 4

800 meters alternating whenever the team feels like it:

  • Person 1: Burpee Broad Jumps (team must stay together; do not pass the broad jumper)
  • Person 2: KB Farmer Carry
  • Person 3: Rest
  • Person 4: Overhead Plate Carry (35 lbs minimum)




3. What skill would you want to master in time for a zombie invasion and why?

Running! If I have to run for my life, I would die. I’m at turtle speed right now, but I’m getting less terrible at it since I’ve been doing Silverlake Reservoir runs with Coach Pheby.




4. What is your proudest Ganbatte moment?

Finishing my first 5K!




5.  Ganbatte as a verb and how do you enact on it?

I try to do my best. Ganbatte coaches teach with a growth mindset. I’m trying to get out of a fixed mindset that previously held me back. I still suck at running, but I’m working on it and improving. I’m learning skills like double unders, swimming, and riding a bike. The training and hard work is paying off and I’m starting to get faster and stronger.




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