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Defying Stereotypes

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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When you tell people you do CrossFit, how do they react?

“CrossFit… that’s the super competitive thing where they try to get you to puke, right?”

“CrossFit? Yeah, I’ve heard of it.  I thought it was just for crazy weightlifters.”

“CrossFit?  Isn’t that, like, incredibly dangerous?”


A year ago, most people had no idea what Crossfit was.  As its popularity has grown, so have misconceptions and stereotypes associated with it.  Some of those misconceptions have to do with natural differences between gyms.  Each box has its own identity, its own focus, its own culture and its own interpretation of what Crossfit is and how best to use it. That’s a good thing.

Some of the stereotypes, however, aren’t so good, especially when they drive people away, create cliques within communities or lead to muddled expectations.  When gyms choose their identities, they also choose the degree to which they live up to those CrossFit stereotypes.  And while there are too many stereotypes to count, these three tend to come up the most.  Here is the Ganbatte take on each:

Stereotype #1: “CrossFit is the super competitive thing where they try to get you to puke.”

CrossFit Ganbatte is not easy.  Neither is losing weight, running, or holding pigeon pose in yoga.  As with all physical activity, you get from it what you put in.  Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and your comfort zone will expand.  However, how you push yourself is completely up to you. The only competition that’s required is between you and whatever version of yourself you are trying to improve. If you feel the urge to compete against fellow athletes, that’s fine – but make sure there is positive motivation on all sides.  Competing with the person next to you only to be angry or discouraged – or to leave the other person angry or discouraged – isn’t doing your best. It’s a waste of energy. Blog on Chasing

Puking is also a waste of energy.  On top of that, it’s gross.  Is it possible that you’ll puke after a workout?  Sure, just like it’s possible to puke after too much beer. In both cases, puking is a signal that you went a little too far. If you puke after a workout, don’t worry – you’ll survive.  Learn from the experience and be mindful of your body’s signals.  If you never puke after a workout, don’t worry – you’re not missing much.

Stereotype #2: “Crossfit is for crazy weightlifters.”

Crossfit Ganbatte is for anyone with an athletic goal, and particularly those who are interested in upping their endurance training.  You could have lifted weights for years, or never touched a barbell in your life.  The strength training and conditioning Crossfit provides has benefits across the board, regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight, train for a race, rehab an injury or just get to the point where you can do proper push-ups. We all may do the same movements, but we all do them for very different reasons. It’s crucial to respect one another’s motivations behind coming to class, and to respect their individual progress.  It’s easy to fixate on the numbers on the orange board, but they get erased at the end of every single day - and Crossfit Ganbatte remains, fundamentally, a tool for improving in other aspects of your life.

Stereotype #3: “Crossfit is, like, incredibly dangerous.”

CrossFit Ganbatte is dangerous in the same way that participating in any sport or race is dangerous.  It involves a lot of different movements, a lot of which are complicated, and a lot of which, just like getting out of bed in the morning, carry a risk of injury.  For that reason, we start new athletes working through movements slowly, and we up their weights slowly.  Some boxes push people to work with heavy weight quickly, arguing that’s the only way for them to get comfortable working with a bar.  That’s one approach, but I’d take five perfect deadlifts with less weight over one heavy lift with a rounded back.  Learning good form takes time, and achieving it consistently is an endless process of checking, re-checking and adjusting. We’re all built a little differently, have different levels of flexibility and have different underlying areas of weakness and imbalance. We need to respect those differences and weaknesses in the same way we respect our different goals.  After all, we could each be working out alone in a garage.  We choose to come together as a community because respecting, watching and supporting one another has benefits.

As a community, let’s take these stereotypes to task in the weeks ahead. Reconnect with what motivates you.  Respect the goals of all the people in your classes.  Pay attention to your form and watch out for the form of the person next to you.  And don’t puke.




These guys CrossFit for the little ones..

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